Feasibility study for the replacement of one old Cowper with a PH
(235,000 m3STP/h, 1200°C) for a German steel works

Siemens VAI

With the Jet Process, SIEMENS Metals Technologies offers a solution for operating converters with up to 100 percent scrap and sponge iron. This enables operators of melt shops to respond to raw material supply bottlenecks and exploit short-term price fluctuations. The solution consists of a bottom-blowing converter that makes it possible to blow in oxygen, lime and coal through bottom tuyeres and of a hot blast top lance for feeding additional energy into the steel bath. The Jet Process can either be implemented as a new installation or retrofitted in existing plants in a modular fashion...

A pebble heater with an energy efficiency of more than 95 percent is used to create the hot blast.

HiTES – High Temperature Energy Storage

HiTES is a kind of Carnot-Battery, i.e. it is a system for storing electricity over the thermal storage. Electricity is transformed in a high temperature heat (1100°C). If there is a need, that heat is used for electricity generation in a simple gas turbine (i.e. hot air turbine), combined with a system of low temperature (550°C) Pebble-Heaters.

BtP – Biomass to Power

A very detailed feasibility study for a Biomass CHP has been evaluated. The system is consisted of an updraft biomass gasifier, a system of Pebble-Heaters and a hot air turbine.

BtL – Biomas to Liquide

A comprehensive medium-scale facility has been erected to test the possibility to produce the second generation BtL through the biomass gasification and a Fischer-Tropsch reactor. For the allothermal gasification, a highly preheated steam (1200°C) has been used in order to get sufficiently high H2/CO ratio in the synthesis gas. The values up to 5:1 have been reached.

Saarstahl – POSCO

A Pebble-Heater for 40,000 m3STP/h and 1200°C has been erected and tested at Saarstahl/Germany. Later it was dismantled and transported to POSCO/South Korea. There it was used in the scope of a project for the CO post combustion in an OBM–converter, in order to increase the scrap rate.

MEFOS facility

LKAB and MEFOS at Luleå / Sweden have erected a test Blast Furnace. They have decided to use a system of 2 Pebble- Heaters as a most innovative and cost effective way for the hot blast supply. Later, in the scope of ULCOS project, those Pebble-Heaters have been used for top gas recycling and H2 preheating to 1200°C.

Dillinger Hüttenwerke

The test facility on a sinter plant for the off-gas cleaning through thermal oxidation ( 10,000 m3STP/h, 800°C)

Biomass CHP plant

Test facility built at ATZ-EVUS together with Siemens, in the scope of SiPeb development.

Thermal Oxidizer in Ansbach

Based on the Pebble-Heater technology, thermal oxidizers for 800-900°C have been developed. The first unit for 30,000 m3STP/h was erected at the brick factory at Ansbach/Germany. Later, several similar facilities (from 16,000 till 45,000 m3STP/h) have been built in Germany and Austria.

PH twinns

A system of very small and compact Pebble-Heaters for the use with regenerative burners, has been developed. Simultaneously, a new system of FDV (fluid dynamic valves) has been patented and tested, in order to avoid expensive and water cooled hot blast valves.

Pilot facility PH104

PH104 was the first pilot facility where the new patented concept of a Pebble-Heater with the radial fluid flow was tested. The hot blast capacity was 10,000 m3STP/h and temperature even above 1300°C were tested. It was used for many years as a reliable hot blast supply for a 10 t OBM test convertor.